Right to Die

I was so excited to be reading about the start of the 2016 Paralympics and was saddened to read an article about Belgian paralympian Marieke Vervoort’s decision to end her life in 2017.  In Belgium assisted suicide has been legal since 2002 and even children can request this.  The key words “unbearable physical suffering” sum up the underlying principles supporting this legislation and in some ways epitomise the need for it.

Marieke’s degenerative disease means that she is in constant pain and that after the 2016 Paralympics she feels that she will have completed everything on her bucket list.  It does seem that she has given it every consideration and the prospect of living in constant pain and suffering is not something she wants to continue with.  One can only feel compassion for her situation and admiration for her bravery in making this decision.

You can read more here: http://www.sportskeeda.com/athletics/world-champion-marieke-vervoort-considering-euthanasia