A death doula or midwife is an informed companion who helps an individual to prepare for the end of his/her life. Despite 70% of people in the UK wanting to remain in their own homes at the end of their lives only 17% are able to do so as they do not have the necessary support and knowledge.  As a doula I can provide practical and emotional support which might include:

  • Discussing individual needs, preferences and expectations

  • Act as advocate

  • Provide informed listening and companionship

  • Practical help such as shopping and escorted visits

  • Carer respite and support

  • Preparation of Advance Directives to plan for the future

  • Signpost other services and refer to community resources

  • Pet Care

  • Generally filling the gaps between other services

I am flexible and responsive in my approach.  My mission is to enable everyone to die in a condition of ease, feeling prepared and in control.