I love bloggers!

To help build my knowledge and understanding I’ve been following a number of blogs including one by the wonderful Jules who is caring for her dying partner.  I am constantly amazed by the insight that bloggers give us into their lives, their experiences and their hearts.  I’d like to think that the appreciation is mutual.  In exchange for their openness and sharing we can offer support, understanding and information in return.

Each client I have worked with has offered a unique set of circumstances that are so different from each other.  A life-limiting illness doesn’t mean everyone is the same.  I can’t meet everyone so reading is a great way of gaining more understanding.  Blogs offer many different themes.  Some want to educate, some want to blurt out their deepest fears and some are just musing to avoid dealing with more immediate and frightening thoughts.  Personally, I blog because I want to connect with other people caring for those at the end of their lives and if I can offer some helpful information along the way then that’s great too.


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